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Our company started in 2011 when we introduced our first product for credit monitoring and identity theft protection. The success of our groups’ buying power leads us to realize that there is a demand for repairing and correcting mistakes consumers found on their credit report. This lead us to create our second product which is Attorney-based credit repair. This eventually became our most powerful product.

As our group continued to grow, we found the need to offer even more education. It’s unfortunate but we found that consumers get locked out of the financial world due to the fact of not having credit. Because of this, we have added products that provide the ability to establish new credit lines, specific credit cards, and even the ability to report a consumer’s rental history. These products serve as tools to instantly build a consumer’s credit profile.

Although our group has grown, our company culture has not changed. We are a company that is fast moving, ever-evolving, and have a commitment to customer service. We will continue to add processes and products that support our mission of “Improve your buying power.”

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