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Credit Protection USA was built for one reason “Improving clients buying power”. With our mission we sought to find tools to assist consumers in doing just that. We give clients hope for a new financial life and allow them to get their financial freedom back.

Credit Protection USA offers several products to their members such as:

  • Attorney Base Credit Repair
  • Stop Harassing debt collectors from calling
  • Credit Building Tools
  • Credit Education
  • Personal Credit Advisor
  • Credit Monitoring

Also, there is a difference Credit Protection USA, do it yourself credit repair and credit repair companies that charge a flat monthly fee.

DIY Credit Repair
Monthly Billing Credit Repair Companies
CPU Credit Repair Benefits
Creates disputes with credit bureaus
Creates disputes with creditor
Stop collection calls
Receive creditor calls
File complaints with federal agencies
Can settle collections
Can settle charge offs and repossessions
Can settle judgements
In depth investigation of inaccuracies
General knowledge of consumer protection laws
In depth knowledge of consumer protection laws
In depth knowledge of case laws
Represent consumer if creditor sues
Can sue harassing creditors
Can sue for inaccurate information
Can do “pay to delete agreements” with collections

Monthly credit repair companies historically drag out the credit repair process, an effort to collect money as long as they can. So even though it seems cheap and reasonable, it is meant to look deceiving so that you simply keep paying.

Credit Protection USA is a performance-based credit company, that charges only if the items on your credit are in fact resolved or updated

Things that Credit Protection USA are able to get removed are:

  • Late Payments
  • Collections
  • Repos
  • Public Records
  • Bankruptcies
  • Foreclosure
  • Charge-Offs

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