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Why dealerships should consider Credit Protection USA

Why dealerships should consider Credit Protection USA

   Credit Protection USA is a membership that is provided to all automotive dealerships customers. Credit Protection USA is 1st in the automotive industry to change the subprime buying cycle. Credit Protection USA re-coops money spent on bad leads due to credit from 3rd party lead providers, by getting those customers credit repaired and back on track.

Credit Protection USA also offers prime customers a credit monitoring service to keep their good credit protected. If the prime customer declines the membership, then he or she can gift it to someone in need of credit repair. Credit Protection USA also offers dealerships their very own Credit Repair Lead Management tool, so the dealer can watch their subprime customers progress in real time. Once the customer is cleared to buy, the dealership gets a notification for the customer to reapply

Credit Protection USA has dealerships across the country, changing lives while selling cars. It is proven that every year, dealers get together to find out the next big thing. They go to NADA, Digital Dealer & 20 groups; trying to find software or figure out short cuts to speed up the process to sell more cars. Spending hundred to thousands of dollars on leads and not knowing a true ROI. One thing dealers do know, is how many good leads and bad leads they have. What if you could get some of that money back and help a customer change their life, by sending them through the credit repair process? The dealership not only fixes their ROI issue, they make money from returning customers, use credit repair as a marketing tool, and gain a customer for life. Let’s not forget about the customers telling their friend the dealership changed their life and now not only did they buy a car, they are approved for the home of their dreams.

Selling a car can literally change a life. Your giving your customers hope, which is much better than telling them no.




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