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Debt Settlement

Debt Negotiation

When faced with debt problems that you can’t pay on the due date, it is very important to understand on what can happen and what can’t. Negotiating your unpaid debts may help prevent legal actions against you.

Attorney Based Debt Settlement

Derogatory accounts with outstanding balances can cause the most harm on a consumers credit report, especially charged off credit cards or installment loans. Credit Law Centers Debt Settlement services will work to negotiate a low one time settlement for our clients which will remove the derogatory balances from their credit reports and stop collection activity such as annoying phone calls, law suits, and harassing letters. Our attorneys and paralegals can negotiate derogatory accounts to get the best lump sum settlements for our clients. We have seen settlements as low as 20% to 30% but on average our clients pay 40% to 50% of the original balance.

Why Debt Settlement

Sometimes just having the right credit score is not enough and derogatory debts need to be settled to be qualified for financing. Credit Law Center can help settle all types of derogatory accounts with balances. This includes: Judgments Charge Offs Repossessions Collections The Debt Settlement process can be pretty quick once a client has the money to negotiate and settle their debts. It is not uncommon to have an account resolved in 2 – 3 business days (Satisfaction of Judgments can take 3 – 4 weeks).

You Don’t Pay Until it Goes Away!

Just like our popular credit repair pricing our clients pay for our Debt Settlement services after the work has been completed and is based on how much money we save them, not a flat fee.

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